”Musik i sommarkväll” i Tving kyrka 27 Juni

Lördagen 27 Juni klockan 18:00 sjunger Nana Hedin i Tving kyrka.



Nana Hedin
NaNa kallas ”The Voice”, Rösten. Hon är primadonnan i Jonas Gardells shower och ”Rösten” på E-Types skivor. NaNas bakgrundskörer är vida berömda. Hon engageras på album över hela världen som gästsångerska och som körsångerska. Hon har körat till stjärnor som Britney Spears och Celine Dion samt flertalet svenska artister. 2004 medverkade Nana med E-Type i Melodifestivalen och redan året efter ställde hon upp med det egna bidraget ”Where Ever You Go”. Sportgalan 2007 i Globen öppnade Nana med att sjunga en vokal improvisation inför Kungaparet och tre miljoner tittare. Hon har även medverkat i musikprogram som ”DooBiDo”, ”Så Ska Det Låta” och ”Sing A Long”.
/ Diakon Anna Fosselius och Kantor Rosita Andersson

Källa: LÄNK
Det finns mängder med material om Nana Hedin på internet, men den säkraste källan är troligen hennes officiella hemsida. Texten längst ner i denna artikel är hämtad direkt från hennes sida. Hon har en diger meritförteckning!
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…:: NANA – THE VOICE ::..

”You have definitely heard this voice before!”
”The Swedish singer called THE VOICE, known for her backup vocals with artists around the world, like CELINE DION, BRITNEY SPEARS and Swedish artist E-TYPE, among many more.”

NaNa started to practise singing at the age of three, at five, she had her first performance at a Children Day Festival in Stockholm-Sweden. At that time, she was singing in harmonies with her mother, who always stood by her little girl, pushing gently so that NaNa would receive the same happiness with music in life as she did. 
In high school, NaNa joined the choir, even though she could not read sheet music she had developed an ear for listening in on harmonies, and became one of the students who had solo performances. 
At sixteen, NaNa tried out for a music school, their musical course with dance & theatre and she got accepted. The school was for two years, but NaNa stayed only one, determent to find new things to do. 
At that time, she had met musicians from all over the world, playing music on the streets. NaNa decided she wanted to do the same thing and joined them. She says; -”Singing on the streets was the best school I could ever go to. I was learning to work with the audience on the street level and not with a stage between us. It was also a very hard school, I sometimes blushed because I was so shy and at times people were more irritated than amused by our show. Most of them, however, enjoyed it and the meetings I had have become memories for life.” The musicians she sang with on the street knew other musicians and that seem to be the beginning of NaNa Hedin’s music career.

After touring Norway, Sweden and Denmark  between 1988-1991 with Chris at the Moment, a Swedish/Norwegian Rhythm ’n Blues band, she gets an offer to sing backup vocals for the Nigerian/Swedish rapper Dr. Alban ( ”Hello Africa”, ”It’s My Life” & Sing Hallelujah”) in 1991. She records the hit”Look who’s Talking” with him, singing the chorus on her own. NaNa stays with Dr.Alban for a couple of years, touring the whole world, playing for millions of people.
At the same time, she sings on Swedish artist Stakka Bo’s first album ”Supermarket”. The hit ”Here We Go Again” features NaNa´s voice alone in the chorus and becomes a huge hit in Europe. This way of using female vocals on Dance and Club tracks was quite new; the artist rapping the verse and leaves the chorus to a singer. 
E-type was another Swedish artist who wanted to use NaNa´s voice in the chorus, she has since 1993 featured on five of his albums that has sold gold and platinum in Sweden and European countries.
The producers Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Kristian Lundin and Andreas Carlsson from Cheiron Productions started working with NaNa on several of their productions in 1992. Soon you could hear her strong charismatic voice with many artists like CELINE DION, BRITNEY SPEARS and ACE OF BASE, all over the world.

In 1993-2004, she joins the Swedish Stand Up Comedian and author Jonas Gardell in the role of the primadonna. Four comedy shows out of the ordinary, music and dance together with Stand Up for theatres and on tour around Sweden. NaNa is talking about her work with Mr.Gardell as important for her growth as an artist.
-”The fact that I’m not a skinny woman, dancing and running around like crazy dressed in a corset, has had a big impact on the female audience, writing letters about how important it has been for them to see a larger woman on stage, feeling good about herself. It has also been important for me to see their positive reactions and it has made me a better performer.”
In 1999 NaNa got the chance to do backup vocals for Celine Dion in the song ”That’s the Way it is” on the album ”All The Way…a Decade of songs”. 
NaNa says:
-”It wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the producers Max Martin and Kristian Lundins success all over the world. They produced some of the songs on Celine Dions
albums and they took me in for the ride. A fantastic experience, a vocalist as great as Celine Dion makes everyone rise to her level and it made me sing better then ever.”
In February 2005 NaNa took part in the Swedish semi finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. She performed the song ”Wherever You Go” for more then 3 million Swedes. It was her first time meeting the audience as a solo artist. The single was released in March 2005. It also contains a club version.
2008 – 2009
NaNa continues to work as a backup vocalist. She is also giving her own concerts around Sweden and has appeared as a guestartist at benefits for charity etc.
She is collaborating with producers and is co-writing for several projects at this time.
In her spare time, NaNa likes to Scuba dive and to travel around the world.